I recently put my faith in Jesus, and I want to start the journey strong.

Action Step: Who do you know that is a Christian, and how can they be a part of your new journey?


The beginning of a journey can be both scary and exhilarating. To feel confident about where you are headed, several things will help - good traveling companions, GPS, and a destination in mind.

Following Jesus is a journey, and He designed us for community so that we don't have to walk alone. Research churches near you and consider joining a small group. If you need help finding a group, contact the church. The GPS that is necessary is a Bible that you find easy to read. There are so many good translations; a few of our favorites are NIV, NASB, The Message, or a parallel Bible that has several translations side by side.

Having a destination in mind will help you stay on course. The destination for a Christ follower is abundant life here and abundant life in heaven. There will be ups and downs on your journey, but keep this in mind- God only allows things in our lives that will lead to growth, and He promises to light the way one step at a time. 

A friend of Seeking Eden says:
"Becoming a part of a church was really helpful when I started my journey with Jesus. New people came into my life to encourage and support me. Also, the church was a safe space for me to ask questions and discover what the Bible says and how it applied to my life ."

Resources to consider:

Bible: Life Application Study Bible- available in different translations

Study Aid:
NIV Application Commentary Set- these are often available at second hand book stores for a discounted rate