Our Vision

Unpacking the religion box.


Seeking Eden (SE) is a non-profit organization inspiring people through resources that encourage everyday folks to engage with God and others in love and freedom.

Our vision is to combine spiritual formation with a coaching & counseling perspective.

Our mission is to create and teach resources that help people develop a simple but profound understanding of Scripture while learning how to live out passages in a day-to-day capacity. While these resources are available to everyone, our goal is to make resources available to rural areas where they are hungry to learn but lack the resources for education.

We have noticed in our lives, as well as in the lives of those we serve, that the simplicity of being in relationship, modeled in the Garden of Eden, has been overthrown by complicated practices of hiding and covering up our truest selves.

We have also found that most people…

  1. do not enjoy reading Scripture.

  2. do not believe that Scripture is applicable to their daily lives.

  3. do not consider the integration of their spirituality, emotional well-being, and goal achievement.

  4. do not feel comfortable being “real”.

  5. spend significant energy hiding their natural selves for the perceived approval of God and others.

We love studying and doing our best to live out the Word of God. We love Jesus and people. We are hopeful that as we walk through Seeking Eden resources together, we will all fall more in love with Jesus, walk boldly in who he has called us to be, and humbly love others with all that we have.

Join us in our mission to unpack the religion box


Mari Beth Poor
Life Coach


Michelle Torbor



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