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We want to share God’s love with everyone. As we know this takes dedication, service and financial means. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to sponsor an individual or organization by donating or purchasing the materials they need to assist them in understanding God’s Word.


Tanzania, Africa

Seeking Eden has the privilege of serving in Tanzania, Africa. Each year, rural pastors come to a village in Morogoro to be trained in leadership and biblical teaching. Some of the pastors walk over 20 miles due to their hunger for training and lack of resources necessary to afford seminary. Coming to the annual training allows them to build community with other pastors for accountability and support, further their learning, and be able to train others in their sphere of influence.  Beyond the annual training, indigenous teachers offer 1-2 brief seminars throughout the year to keep the conversation going and ensure the teaching is taking root in different villages. Your gifts can help make a difference through training, provision of bikes for transportation, and additional resources.

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Mwana Villages

Seeking Eden is honored to be working with Mwana Villages, a grass-roots ministry that provides orphans and vulnerable children and their families with transformative hope and a future in the Republic of Congo, Africa. With a goal of family preservation, Mwana pours Biblical truths into the lives of Mamas that have found solace for themselves and their children. Many of them arrive with little hope for themselves and their ability to care for their children and find that the Lord has provided eternal Hope through Jesus and present hope through the men and women serving at Mwana. With your financial gifts, you could be a part of their continued spiritual growth by sharing Seeking Eden Bible Studies and other Biblical resources.

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Sponsor a Church


Seeking Eden realizes that church budgets vary - some have extensive budgets for biblical resources, but many rural churches are financially limited in the additional resources they are able to provide for their members. While we believe in the Bible's sufficiency, additional resources that reinforce the message of Jesus are beneficial to those pursuing growth in their faith. You can help spread the Word with a donation that will assist in providing biblical resources to rural churches with limited budgets.

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Sponsor a Person


We all know someone who can use more of God’s love. Maybe it’s family member, neighbor or even a friend. God’s Word says in Luke 10:2, “He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few…” If you know someone who would benefit from a Bible study designed to help people move forward after gaining spiritual understanding, we would love to know their name and mailing address so we can send them our study as a gift from you when it comes out in March. Your donation will make it possible for them to receive a FREE resource.

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