Our Board



During the day, I work at Valent Group where I have a variety of responsibilities including consulting on creative projects and helping with marketing. I am passionate about working with a team to reach a goal, gaining knowledge and using it wisely, working with the displaced and making the world a better place to live. I love Jesus, my husband and missions.
I value truth, wisdom, and people.



During the day I mostly work doing mechanical engineering and construction at power plants. I am passionate about mission work locally and around the world. I admire those who have the courage to live their life in a completely different country and around different people groups. I love my wife, my family, and the church. I value travel, friends, board games, Thai food and my Jamaican culture.



During the day, I assist entrepreneurs in establishing faith-fueled brands and designing stylish, complimentary websites. I am passionate about experiencing the best that this life has to offer and guiding others to the secret (or not-so-secret) pathway so they can do the same. I love my God, my husband and my son. I value truth with a dollop of grace.



During the day, I take full advantage of retirement. I am passionate about participating in ministries that I believe the Holy Spirit has led me to which allow me to see actual real time results. I am also passionate about helping people in rural areas have access to clean drinking water. I love the people I am doing life with. I value integrity.



During the day, I work my day job as the creative director of a content marketing firm called Red Barn Media Group. My favorite days are the ones when I’m in the field shooting pictures and video and crafting stories about interesting people and ideas. I am passionate about my family. I love creativity, in any form. I value authenticity.