Two women who love God, the Word, and people…


Mari Beth Poor


I heard it said recently that the things that we might see as “interruptions” are most likely God’s way of getting us on the path He designed us to be on. I have found that to be true in my life.

When I was in college at Samford University in Birmingham, AL, I had a plan. I was studying Psychology and preparing to pursue either counseling or criminal justice. However, in between my sophomore and junior year, I went home to Montgomery and served with high school students at my church. Upon coming back to Samford for my junior year, I learned that the youth pastor I had served with all summer was moving to Birmingham, had gotten a job at a local church, and he invited me to come and serve with him. I did, ended up getting a job, and ministry became my career for 21 years. God uses the craziest things sometimes to get us where he wants us!

Over the years, I pursued a theology degree at Beeson Divinity School, did ministry to students, young professionals, and adults, served locally and globally in places like Tanzania, Honduras, Costa Rica, Philippines, Colombia, Romania, Jamaica, Mexico, South Africa, and had the privilege of preaching to the congregation. What I discovered is that though we may be from different places, have different backgrounds, family, and experiences, see the world from different perspectives and have different passions; the answer for all of us is the same - Jesus. He meets us right where we are and invites us to move.

In addition to professional joys, I had personal joys particularly in the blessing of a phenomenal husband named Matt whose kindness, steadiness, love, and integrity changed my life.

In the summer of 2016, God began stirring in my heart, and his stirring led to a career change. God’s “interruption” got me out of my comfort zone and prompted me to take a leap of faith. That leap of faith included beginning a life-coaching business and founding Seeking Eden.



I AM PASSIONATE about LEARNING, TEACHING AND helping people see Scripture from a fresh perspective, and HOW TO APPLY IT.

I LOVE PEOPLE and enjoy hearing their stories, joys, hurts and life.


I AM 42 YEARS YOUNG and I feel like the best is yet to come.


Michelle Torbor


I have a zeal for life that will bring glory to God and goodness to those around me. My career as a mental health counselor and facilitator of race-related conversations keeps me face-to-face with the brokenness of the world. I work hard to counter the ugliness by finding beauty in simplicity and laughing as often as possible - mostly at my own jokes!

At age 16, I was introduced to the world of mental health through a quirky 90s sitcom, Ally McBeal. (She was a lawyer but of course, I was fascinated with her visits to a therapist!) At Auburn University, I sought a B.A. degree in Psychology to make my dream a reality. I later attended Regent University and completed a M.A. in Mental Health Counseling. Here, I learned a great deal about the integration of Scripture and mental wellness. Today, I find an unexplainable amount of peace from studying God’s Word and an unmatched joy when I get to share what I have found with others through Seeking Eden.

I have been afforded the privilege of marrying my best friend, Reggie, and mommy-ing two remarkable sons; RJ (13) and Cameron (11). I have also been lucky enough to serve as a mother-figure for some amazing young men, whom I will treasure in my heart forever. These relationships are my greatest achievements.


I AM PASSIONATE about sharing the good news of Jesus with people and watching Him awaken them to their truest selves.

I LOVE one-on-one conversations - where I can normalize what people thought was the worst part of themselves.

I VALUE simplicity, humility, and truth.

I AM 36 YEARS YOUNG and I feel like I’m getting better with age…kinda like wine and cheese…which I also love.


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